Tune in as Walt “Clay” Kucharski, owner of Walt Kucharski Septic Service Inc. tells you what it’s like to inherit a 54-year-old business from parents who long-resisted attempts to modernize operations.

For the last two years, Kucharski has been giving the company his late father, Walt, founded in 1960 at age 19 an extreme business makeover. And the resulting increases in efficiency and profitability illustrate the benefits of modernization — and just might inspire other pumpers to take the update plunge.

It’s not that the elder Kucharski ran an unsuccessful business; pumpers don’t stay in business for more than five decades without doing things the right way, with honesty, integrity and a strong work ethic — principles the younger Kucharski learned from his father and continues to adhere to today.

But Clay had different ideas about running the company, which he began implementing after his father died two years ago.

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