If it’s happening in California now, the rest of the country should take notice. Prepare yourself by hearing one pumper’s perspective on changing laws and regulations.

Ed Kopalczak shares his experiences with California’s S.M.O.G. laws and how it has affected his fleet, expenses, pricing and competition. Varied topography in his service area northeast of San Diego motivated him to spec out his latest truck, which was challenging due to the space taken up by the required diesel particulate filter.

Watch how he and his crew repair a holding tank instead of replacing it. His engineering background comes into play on one particular job.

Kopalczak also expresses appreciation for his employees and how diversification is important to ensure they have full-time work. European Portable Sanitation Service helps provide that security.

Finally, Kopalczak discusses the trend for new competition to force lower fees due to their ease of entry into the market because of the currently loose enforcement of environmental laws.

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