John Landry, engineer at Keith Huber, shows you why the King Vac wet or dry vacuum loader is a must-see. Watch as he takes you on a grand tour of this newly redesigned rig that combines high cfm and deep vacuum. Plus, learn how two different loading principles merge to create one powerful machine: deep vacuum loading and high air conveyance.

“In the last 6 months, all of these design changes are 10 years in the making from talking to customers,” Landry says. “We’re building the same quality trucks but putting more improvements into the products.”

New design changes to the King Vac include redesigned cyclones and valve placement, a lower suction assembly, redesigned auxiliary pressure pump, changes to vacuum pump components, redesigned main body catwalks and control panel updates.

“We’re trying to standardize across our product lines,” Landry says of the redesigns. “We’ve made the King Vac a little simpler to operate.

The King Vac has earned its reputation worldwide as the most powerful and versatile vacuum loader because it can perform multiple tasks such as: hydro-excavation, hazmat response, jetting, general industrial cleaning, and many other tasks in industries such as gas, oil and mining.

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