Problem: A mobile home community in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, had an undetected water leak under one of the mobile homes for over a year. “It was a challenge for the plumbing contractor to gain access underneath the mobile home for the repair,” says Ryan Frank, of Ecotech Hydro Excavation. To hand-dig would have been time-consuming and extremely challenging because of the excessive amount of mud and water. Due to how the water shut-off was set up in the community, over half of the homes would be without water during the time of the repair, so speed and efficiency was a factor.

Solution: Ecotech crews responded with one of their GapVax HV-55 hydroexcavators. The truck was set up 50 feet away from the mobile home. Using the remote hose, the crew quickly removed the slurry and provided 8 feet of benched trench to allow the plumbers safe access to do the repair.

Result: Ecotech was able to complete the job safely, efficiently and with no additional property damage. 888/442-7829;

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