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Honda Introduces GX Engine Line

Single-cylinder, horizontal-shaft GX120, GX160 and GX200 model engines from Honda Power Equipment are designed for generators, water pumps and pressure washers. Features include valve timing, compression ratio, carburetor settings and cooling system modifications for improved fuel economy and lower noise levels from changes in muffler design, breather valve and push rod materials. www.honda.com.


Equaris Offers Greywater Treatment System

The three-tank Greywater Treatment System from Equaris Corp. features a series of wastewater treatment and filtration tanks. The surge tank provides flow control while the aeration tank produces aerobic conditions. The clarification tank returns settled solids back to the surge tank. Bacteria on the interior tank surface naturally clean the water. The rotationally molded polyethylene tanks are 26 inches in diameter and 51 inches high. A sludge removal system pumps solids from the bottom of each tank. 661/337-0261; www.equaris.com.

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SSPMA Offers Sizing, Installation Packet

A three-part packet on sewage pump sizing, installation and maintenance is available from the Sump and Sewage Pump Manufacturers Association. The packet includes a calculator to assist in determining required pump capacity, total dynamic head and basin size. The 32-page Recommended Guidelines for Sizing Effluent Pumps also is available. 847/559-9233; www.sspma.org.


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Infiltrator Offers EZflow Gravelless Drainage

The Ezflow gravelless drainage system from Infiltrator features polystyrene aggregate enclosed in woven geotextile mesh for trench, curtain, landscape, foundation, retaining wall and interceptor drains. The pre-assembled, 10-foot bundles weigh approximately eight pounds and are available in 7-, 10- and 15-inch diameters. 800/221-4436; www.infiltratorsystems.com.


Clarus Offers Tru-Flow Splitter System

The Tru-Flow Splitter System from Clarus Environmental can split wastewater effluent flows of 1/10 to 30 gpm into two to five distribution lines. The splitter is constructed of lightweight and non-corrodible materials for easy installation and long life and has a 4-inch riser for inspection and maintenance. The system consists of a diverter basin and cover and diverter. The bubble level design allows for post construction adjustments associated with distribution box settling. 877/244-9340; www.clarusenvironmental.com.

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PumpBiz Introduces Propane-Powered Pump

The PortaPump propane-powered pump from PumpBiz Inc. is designed to remove standing water from golf course bunkers and fairways, flooded parking lots, sidewalks, or drain water from pits that need to be excavated because of pipe breakage or root damage. Able to pump up to 2,000 gph, the one-person unit is powered by a Honda 4-stroke, 35cc engine. A larger unit, able to pump up to 16,800 gph, is available. 800/786-7249; www.pumpbiz.com.


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Flo Trend Introduces Front Loader De-Gritting System

The Front Loader De-Gritting System from Flo Trend features a gum-rubber-lined, steel body hydrocyclone with a front loader container filter. Underflow from the hydrocyclone and concentrated wet grit is discharged into the container filter, allowing water to pass through and exit the discharge ports on the bottom of the unit. 713/699-0152; www.flotrend.com.


Zoeller Offers Effluent Turbine Filtered STEP System

The Effluent Turbine Filtered STEP System from Zoeller Pump Co. is designed for simplex or duplex applications in a single polyethylene pump vault. The flat-bottom design is made for free-standing applications. Pipe supports are available for suspended applications. The inlet is predrilled at the factory or can be blank for field customization. The deep-pleated filter offers a large surface area and can be easily removed for cleaning. The large, unobstructed area for float placement reduces the risk of hang-ups. 800/928-7867; www.zoeller.com.

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Biokleen Offers Bac-Out Septic Care

Bac-Out Septic Care from Biokleen combines live cultures and enzymes that break down household waste, grease, fats and other organic matter into minerals, water and oxygen. The product contains no artificial fragrance, color or preservatives and is safe for humans, animals and plants. 800/477-0188; www.biokleenhome.com.


JWC Introduces Sludge Monster Grinder

The Sludge Monster grinder from JWC Environmental is designed to protect sludge pumps, heat exchangers, centrifuges and other dewatering equipment from clogging with rags and debris. The grinder processes 274 gpm and also can be used in scum line applications. 800/331-2277; www.jwce.com.


Control Works Introduces 331LC Duplex Control Panel

The 331LC digital level controller duplex control panel from Control Works Inc. is designed for 208-, 240- or 480-volt, three-phase pumps with overload protection of up to 32 amps each (10 hp max at 208 volts, 10 hp max at 240 volts and 20 hp max at 480 volts). Each panel has a CW6CDC 4-20mA controller, solid-state alternator relay for run time, run lights, elapsed time meters, lag delay circuitry, seal leak lights, HAND/OFF/AUTO selector switches, alarm horn and high-level flashing red alarm beacon with dry contact for telemetry connection. 513/831-9959; www.controlworksinc.com.


Grote Introduces Cube Work Lamp

The 4-inch-by-4-inch Trilliant Cube LED WhiteLight work lamp from Grote Industries has a polycarbonate lens and light rating of 1,000 lumens. The lamp has a service rating of 50,000 hours and two beam patterns (wide flood and TractorPlus). 800/628-0809; www.grote.com.


CSI Controls Introduces AlarmBot Post Alarm

The AlarmBot outdoor post alarm from CSI Controls features a clear 360-degree beacon and four alternating red flashing LEDs that signal when tank levels rise. The system also has a 95-dBA beep tone audible alarm that can be silenced using the on/test/silence switch. Operating on 12 volts, pump and alarm power can be separated. Other features include a universal plug and factory-sealed weatherproof enclosure. 800/363-5842; www.csicontrols.com.


Gradall Introduces All Excavate Hydroexcavator

The Vacall All Excavate hydroexcavator from Gradall Industries Inc. features a dedicated system for efficient operation and performance excavating around water, sewer, gas and utility lines. The unit’s high-pressure water unit has a hydraulically driven variable speed system with rheostat control to minimize water usage and refill time. The system powers a wand that delivers a high-pressure stream to break up material. Water pumps are available in 10, 15 and 20 gpm with 3,000 to 3,500 psi. To protect from freezing, the water system, wand, control panel, tools and worker apparel are enclosed in a heated compartment. Water tanks are fabricated from aircraft-quality aluminum for extra strength and mounted high on the chassis to reduce damage from debris. Features include CAN bus intelligent control system, multi-stage filtration and hydro boom at the rear of the chassis. 800/382-8302; www.vacallindustries.com.


Bio-Microbics Introduces MyFAST Treatment System

The MyFAST wastewater treatment system from Bio-Microbics Inc. is designed for commercial properties or a small community. The system features multiple FAST treatment units in one tank. The pre-packaged, high-performance, decentralized treatment system can handle flow rates up to 160,000 gpd. 800/753-3278; www.biomicrobics.com.

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